You Can Eat the Foods You Enjoy While on the South Beach Diet

The hardest part of any weight loss program is cutting out your favorite foods. In fact, the reason people fail on diets is because they feel deprived and grow bored with the limited list of approved foods. The South Beach Diet lets you eat the foods you want, and helps you discover ways to eat them that are both healthy and delicious.

When you take a look at the South Beach Diet you will be delighted to see that both the allowed and the forbidden foods are in fact varied in an interesting way and you will feel confident that you can use the “can haves” to come up with some super meal choices.

When creating the food list for the South Beach Diet, much consideration was given to the foods most people enjoy eating. The South Beach Diet program allows you to eat a variety of meats, like chicken breast, Cornish game hen, lean beef, boiled ham and turkey. Meat is even allowed on Phase 1, the most restrictive part of the diet.

For seafood lovers, you will be happy to discover that all types of food from the sea are allowed throughout the diet and oily fish such as cod and mackerel are well worth a place on your menu as they will provide you with your necessary omega-3 fatty acids intake.

Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet takes carbs out of your system, and this means no fruits and grains for two weeks. While this may sound strict, your body will thank you for eliminating these foods that hamper digestion and prevent healthy weight loss. In Phase 2, you will begin eating some carbs again in a healthier way that will still help you lose weight.

Diary products such as fattier cheeses will also reappear on the menu during Phase 2 but you will find, as with the fruit and grains, you no longer crave and need these types of foods as you did previously.

South Beach Diet menus encourage you to eat a wide variety of healthy green veggies, and this helps avoid boredom and introduces you to even more new ways of eating that are healthy and promote weight loss. For a delicious dinner, try a small portion of meat paired with two or three vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower or collard greens. Or munch on some celery when you want a little snack. You will be surprised at how satisfying this can be.

One of the great things about the South Beach diet is the delicious food combinations. Adding romaine lettuce or spinach to some of the meats and cheeses approved for Phase 1 will give you a smashing salad that will be satisfying and very filling.

When you look at the foods that are allowed on the South Beach Diet, you may be surprised to find many things you thought you would have to give up while dieting. Even when you take away the foods that are restricted, the sheer variety of food combinations available with the South Beach Diet are what makes this a popular program that will help you successfully reach your weight loss goals.