The stir frying cooking method

Oriental cuisine is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in America. You can easily incorporate a few basic Asian cooking methods with wild game for unbelievably great results. One of the basic Asian cooking methods is stir frying. It is very simple, dry-heat cooking method, and it works wonders with all game meat. Some like to stir fry in camps because it is a very fast method, and they can keep the meat fresh for late arriving hunters.

They won’t start cooking until they are all cleaned up and eating their soup or salad. They also like this cooking method because it allows them to spend more time on camp chores or just relaxing by the fire. Stir frying is very different from the long, slow cooking of a Dutch oven. The majority is spent in preparation, with just 5 to 10 minutes of actual cooking time. The key tool of stir frying is a wok – a round, high sided pan, but a good blue steel sauté pan, or a cast iron skillet well do the job just as well. The wok is designed to cook food fast, and the heart carries up the sides, giving you a lot of cooking surface to use. This cooking method works well on propane or over hot fire.

The ingredients are endless. You can stir fry quail, pheasant, chukar, rabbit, venison, boar, and much more. The essentials fro stir frying are; a wok, high heat, peanut oil or sesame oil, thin meat sliced across the grain, making sure to use tender cuts, (use these seasoning rations; 1 part fresh chopped ginger, 2 parts fresh chopped garlic, 3 parts chopped green onion), lay the meat in the pan away from you, so as not to splash with hot oil, don’t overload the pan, prepare as close to service time as possible, remove the meat from the pan when making the sauce, brown the meat (caramelize) for flavor and color, serve with ,or over noodles, rice, spaghetti squash, or shredded cabbage.

The most common stir frying mistake is to overfill the wok or pan. You should only try to prepare two to four portions at a time. Although the method is very quick, too much food is the pan powers the temperature and extends the cooking time, making a poor, limp product that doesn’t have flavor or texture that you want.

When preparing for more than four people, stir frying the meat and vegetables in small batches, then remove and serve them, on the side. Then prepare the sauce. When the hunters are ready to eat, just add everything back into the sauce and bring to a boil. Organizing is essential when cooking. Have everything in its place and ready to go, once you start cooking, you can’t be looking for something in the kitchen box. You can’t stop cooking and peel you onions or garlic. You can’t stop cooking for chopping you other ingredients. Prepare all the ingredients in advance and place the4m near the stove before you start the stir frying. Measure all the oils, sauces to be used and mix the sauce before you start the stir fry.

Happy cooking and please continue cooking.