The Many Wonders of Cooking Fish

Depending on the flavor and texture you are looking for, there are many different ways to cook fish. You might be cooking steaks, fillets, or whole fish and there are many methods to try. Stuffing is a good way of adding flavor and texture. Using round fish is best because they have a bigger body cavity. Be careful not to overstuff the fish if you are using a breadcrumb stuffing, because breadcrumbs expand when cooking. A parsley and walnut pesto is very good with sea bass. If you are using fillets, you can sandwich them with stuffing or roll them up, then oven-bake them.

Different Ways of Fish Cooking

Poaching and steaming are healthy, easy ways to cook fish. To poach your fish, you add cream or another thickener, herbs and seasoning. You can use the juice to make a sauce for the fish. For steaming, you place the fish in a steamer over boiling water and put a tight-fitting lid over it.

Oven baking and roasting give great results and suit whole fish or fillets. You need to add oil or butter, seasoning, herbs and white wine to the fish, in an ovenproof dish. For very tender and moist flesh, you can cook the fish “en papillote”, which is in sealed paper or foil. This means the fish will cook it its own steam. You can add lemon or limejuice, fresh herbs and white wine to the foil parcel before cooking, for more flavors. To braise fish, you place it on some sauted vegetables in an ovenproof dish. Pour over white wine and bouillon, put a lid on the dish, and bake it for 20 minutes or so.

Grilling is a good way of cooking small whole fish or fillets. If you are using whole fish, slash the skin on both sides a few times and brush with melted butter or olive oil. Baste the fish during cooking and turn it halfway through. You might like to wrap the fish in foil with olive oil, herbs, and lemon juice before placing it on the grill.

You do not always need to heat fish in order to cook it. Ceviche is when you soak white fish, usually snapper, in chili, herbs, and lime juice. You can also use flounder, sole, or scallops. The acidic citrus juice cooks the fish.

Wood Board for Cooking Fish

Most types of wood are suitable for cooking fish, as long as the board is pest-free and untreated. You need to soak the wood before using it. Soak the wood for at least an hour, until it is totally waterlogged. This ensures it is going to give off enough steam to cook the fish.

Cedar is a common wood for fish boards but you can also use alder, maple, cherry, apple, or oak. A wood fish board is for one use only and you can get one from a specialty food store or online.

Brushing your fish with oil stops it from sticking to the board. When you cook on a wood fish board, you do not flip the fish because it cooks indirectly. Once your fish is prepared, oiled on one side and seasoned, you need to place the fish board and fish directly on the grill. You can baste the fish during cooking but do not use anything flammable. The board should be over a low fire so as not to ignite.

Cooking fish on a wood fish board is an excellent way of cooking. The wood smolders, which creates the smoke to flavor your fish. What’s more, there is no washing up to be done afterwards!