The Best Ways to Cook Pork Cuts

Cooking dishes using pork requires knowledge on which appropriate pork part must be used in serving a dish. One needs to make use of the right main ingredient for a particular dish. Here are several pork cuts and the the easy way cook them:

Pork Belly- is a cut from beneath the loin. It is the most flavorful of the major parts as it is filled with fats between muscles. It is the usual choice for sautéing, frying, stewing, braising, and grilling. That’s where we get bacon, and this type can be cut into steaks.

Ham – is found at the back leg of the hog, and has very little fat. Fresh hams usually are roasted and is made into ham steaks. The delicious Serrano ham and prosciutto are obtained from hams that are either cured or smoked, and then air-dried. The ham hock, that is taken from the joint at the shank end, is best when braised with other greens.

Pork Loin – located along the length of the back and is the source of several pork cuts like the center loin, pork chops, tenderloin, and the baby back ribs.The muscles in this portion of the hog is mainly used for posture rather than movement, the meat from this section has less marbling but remains to be tender. The whole pork loin could be roasted, broiled, braised, and fried. The baby back ribs come from the upper rib cage of the loin, while the tenderloin is removed from the rear of the pork loin. Pork tenderloins are boneless and are super tasty and tender.

Pork Spareribs – are cut within the belly side of the ribs where they join the breastbone. They’ve got long rib bones, and some rib cartilage, which has a thin covering of meat on the outside and between the ribs. They are usually prepared by grilling very slowly over low temperatures, and can be also be braised.

Pork Butt – also referred to as Boston Butt, this comes from the upper shoulder of the hog. It is a discreetly tough cut of pork with a great deal of ligament, and consists of the neck, shoulder blade, and upper arm. It can be prepared through roasting, cutting into steaks, braising, stewing, or for making ground pork or sausages.
Just above this is a fat part referred to as clear plate or fatback, which can be utilized for making lard, salt pork, or added to sausage or ground pork.

Pork Jowl – is the cheek area of the hog. This part is frequently employed in making sausages, and can also be cured and created into bacon.

Pork Shoulder – also called the picnic shoulder, this cut originates from the shoulder area of the pig. It has juicy, marbled fat, which gives it with a lot of flavor and tenderness during cooking. Often, it is sold without the bone. It is useful for making ground pork, or sausage meat, barbecue, stir-frying, or stewing, and is frequently cured or smoked as well.

Pork Foot – Due to high collagen and a good way to obtain gelatin, pork foot is usually added to soups and stews. Slow simmering makes the connective tissues soft and tenderizes the meat. Pork feet are widely-used as a key ingredient in the traditional Mexican menudo. These can also be best when pickled, cured or smoked.

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