Simple Healthy Dinner Recipes: Eating Healthy For Your Benefit

Eating healthy is all about feeling great, having more energy, mood stabilization and keeping oneself as healthy as possible. Forget about fad diets. Being unrealistically thin doesn’t equate to a healthy lifestyle all the time. You should never deprive yourself of the foods you love. By learning some nutrition basics and have them work to your advantage, you are able to expand your range of healthy food choices. This will allow you to plan ahead and maintain a tasty, healthy diet.

Take my case for instance. I’m a big fan of pasta dishes. When I want to ease up on my rice intake, I load up on pasta for my carb fix. As a child I was fixated on good, old spaghetti with tomato sauce, ground meat and cheese toppings. Growing up I developed a penchant for various types of pizza and pasta that one would think I was an Italian in my past life. But I eat everything in moderation. As much as I hated veggies as a young kid, I try to incorporate them in my meals every once in a while lately. As these small changes become a habit, I can continue to add more healthy choices to my diet. My mom, who once taught Home Economics in high school, always emphasized that a key to a healthy diet is finding foods that you love and starter recipes that incorporate a few fresh ingredients. Avoid processed foods if you can. Gradually, your diet will become healthier and more delicious.

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. Drink plenty of water. If you feel like snacking, try to drink a full glass of water first. A common misconception among people is that they confuse thirst for hunger. Water helps you feel satiated, in the same way that drinking water during and after meals can also aid digestion.
2. Avoid soft drinks or any kind of products that contain artificial sweeteners. Consider them as an indulgence. They’re best when taken in moderation and not made a regular part of your diet.
3. Stay away from fast-food. This is quite a tall order especially for those leading a busy lifestyle and are always on the go. But fast-food meals are fried, processed and excessively salty. Your calorie-intake for the day alone can hit the roof if this becomes part of your daily diet. If you cannot resist your fix of good, old Buffalo wings then prepare the best buffalo wing sauce you can come up with at home. That way, you know what’s going into your food.
4. Adopt a healthy attitude towards food. Do not become an emotional eater. View food as sustenance, not something associated with your mood swings.
5. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. This is the most important meal of the day for me. Skipping this will leave you famished for lunch and cause you to binge as a way to compensate. Breakfast keeps your metabolism going and active throughout the morning.
6. Eat three full meals and two snacks in between. This will give your body more manageable amount of food to digest and will prevent binge-eating during meals. But always keep everything in moderation. The lesser hours your body goes at a stretch without eating, the better.

Healthy eating will help you get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The key point here is adding more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and cutting back on foods that have a lot of fat, salt, and sugar. With the right attitude, simple healthy dinner recipes will be a breeze to prepare. Match it with some physical activity and you’ll be on your way towards your ideal weight and a happier disposition in life.