How to select the best Induction Frying Pan

Cooking is really incomplete without the cookware. Over the years cookware have changed very drastically. If in the past we used to cook in earthenware pots, today we are using steel, aluminium and induction base cookware sets. A primary cookware that is present in every kitchen is the frying pan. No kitchen is complete without a proper and good frying pan.
But while there are many frying pans in the market, the best among them is probably is the induction frying pan. The best induction frying pan has many qualities over the conventional frying pan.

It heats up very fast
In case of induction frying pans, they heat up faster than the conventional frying pans. This not only saves fuel in terms of gas or electricity, but the cooking is also done a lot faster than otherwise. This happens because induction frying pans have better conductivity than others. A good conductive frying pan distributes heat evenly and quickly which helps in cooking faster.

It’s material is resistant to scratch & rust
Most of the induction frying pans have aluminium and stainless steel as their core material. Due to this they don’t get wear and tear and don’t get scratched easily. Also since they are not made of iron they don’t rust too. This means that these frying pans have a long life and are durable too.

Cleaning them is very easy
Cleaning is one of the most important factors specially in this age when cleaning is seen as an unwanted chore that nobody wants to do. In case of induction frying pans, cleaning them is a very smooth thing. Many of the pans are dishwasher friendly and even if they are not, they can be cleaned pretty easily with just a single swipe of detergent and water.

Can be used to prepare any type of dishes
Another important feature of the best induction frying pan is that they do not react to any substances. This means that no matter what kind of spices or ingredients you are using for preparing dishes or what kind of chemicals you are using for washing the frying pans, they don’t react with the material. This not only saves us food from getting contaminated (with the reactive substances), but also means that we get the perfect flavours and tastes in our food.
Thus cooking with induction frying pans is not just delightful, they are also very easy.