How Rings Get Made

A goldsmith has recipes much like a cook would follow in the kitchen, what is added depends on the product he is fashioning. There’s quite a difference between creating custom-made pieces and making a permanent mold to cast out identical products. Becoming a jeweler takes many years of practice along with a special flair. There are companies that have different stations a ring goes through for phases of expertise, but there are also artists that handle every stage of the skill.
A ring, especially a wedding ring, is a more personal piece of jewelry because it is in your view at all times when worn. However, a necklace and earrings are worn on the body but rarely seen by the owner. To begin making a ring an artist draws the extremely detailed model, this is a very involved image as all measurements and features have to be sketched in perfect scale. This takes not only an artistic talent but also knowledge of science.

A computer program then transforms the sketch into a three-dimensional print of the intended ring. This picture is used to make a mold. The goldsmith melts his recipe of metals at extremely high temperatures and pours the liquid into the mold. After the ring is extracted from the mold each detail is pared by hand for a taintless piece of art.

The ring is then sent to polishing experts that use machines and hands-on techniques to add luster to the precious metal. Stone selectors sort through their inventory of jewels for an ideal clarity and fit for the individual piece. The next step is for gem setters to put each stone in by hand. Many rings have hundreds of diamonds in all different sizes and shapes. Setting jewels is a craft all in itself which involves extensive training.

Engraving and final carvings are done with very sharp intricate tools and afterwards sent for a final inspection. After passing through the closing check point the ring is sent back to the polishers for its finishing shine. Premium jewelry has many different possibilities that include the grade of metals and clarity of stones, no first-rate ring has a duplicate. However, it is possible to manufacture costume jewelry in this fashion. Luxury jewelry has varying prices and many distinctive cuts to choose from.