Food Handler Training – No More Excuses

Regardless of your occupation, if you work in the food industry you would benefit from food handler training. Even home caterers who do not use commercial facilities are held to the same strict health and safety requirements of larger outfits, and are subject to the same harsh penalties for non-compliance or violations. And let’s face it; a majority of these home-based catering businesses acquire and maintain their respective client bases through strictly word-of-mouth. One violation made public can literally “make or break” one of these small companies. Food handler training is one of the best ways to prevent this from occurring.
Food Handler Training – A Must for All
One of the consequences of today’s “hustle and bustle” world is that there has been a sharp decrease in the number of home-cooked meals being served on America’s tables, especially during the work week. In other words, a lot of us like to eat out (or get takeout) during the week and cook on the weekends – if at all. The demand for food has never been higher, which can unfortunately lead to haste and cutting corners in the kitchens of many of these establishments. We have all seen the television programs in which the hidden camera was placed in the kitchens of some of these places, and I am sure we have all been horrified at what we have seen. There is even a program which currently runs on the Food Network which showcases a company whose job it is to place hidden cameras in these restaurants in an attempt to not only monitor employees and prevent theft but also to catch health and safety violations. One of the lessons always learned from these incidents is that even the smallest deviation from the health and food code can lead to devastating effects for the establishment and the public. (Remember the e coli scares of the 1990s, or the spinach scare of a few years ago?) Food violations have even begun affecting our furry friends. For example, many brands which are made in China are currently banned from sale in many American pet stores due to numerous illnesses and death resulting from less than sanitary conditions.
Food Handler Training – Mandatory yet Simple
Barwize, Inc. has developed an innovative and exciting food handler training program, the curriculum of which rivals that of the company’s already renowned responsible vendor alcohol training course. With Barwize’s program, staying compliant with training requirements is fast and easy for all – and only requires a few hours per year. For more information, please call 866-BARWIZE [227-9493] or visit the company’s website at