David Cook Tickets – Remembering Michael Jackson

These days it seems that everyone has an opinion about the late pop icon Michael Jackson. From family members to friends, former lawyers, celebrities and television pundits, it seems everyone has gone on record to say something about the King of Pop. Another “American Idol” has even weighed in on the slew of commentary that infiltrated the airwaves and internet immediately following Jackson’s sudden death. In fact, there is even some speculation that Cook may not have even won the seventh season of American Idol if it wasn’t for Jackson. Fans will remember Cook’s creatively edgy take on “Billie Jean,” as the ballad that helped propel him from underdog to frontrunner and eventually directly to the “Idol” crown.

When Cook learned of Jackson’s death he felt it necessary to pay his respects to another true “American Idol.” Cook was quoted on MTV online as saying, “The impact Michael Jackson has had on me as an artist is the same impact he’s had on everyone…he blew pop music wide open, and made it bigger than just music.” Cook cites Jackson’s global reach into the pop music industry as a musical and cultural phenomenon; one that has helped pave the way for pop stars like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and even himself. Don’t miss seeing David Cook live onstage by going online and securing your own pair of David Cook tickets as soon as possible.

David Cook was crowned the winner of American Idol mostly thanks to his rock ‘n’ roll style vocals blended with a post-grunge sound. It was creativity and in a sense, non-conformity that caught the ears of judges and fans around the globe. When it came down to the final round, it was David Cook against David Archuleta in what would become dubbed as the “Battle of the Davids.” Cook ultimately received 56 percent of the vote and was crowned the winner of the seventh American Idol season. Just two weeks later, 11 songs by Cook entered the Billboard Hot 100. Soon afterward, he issued his full-length major label debut album that featured a plethora of musical collaborations with artists such as Chris Cornell, Ed Roland and Raine Maida. The album was officially certified platinum in 2009 and produced the hit songs: “Light On” and “Time of My Life.”

David Cook has emerged as a rising star in the music world. Even in the midst of heartache (his brother died during the taping of American Idol), Cook has persevered, surprising even his most skeptical critics. In a roundabout way, Michael Jackson may have helped David Cook reach the coveted title of “American Idol” but there also is no denying that Cook himself was the driving force behind much of his creative genius. There was only one Michal Jackson and it appears there will also only be one David Cook. Keep an eye out for all of his upcoming concerts and book tickets well in advance, as they tend to sell out just as quickly as news of Jackson’s death swept the nation!