Cooking is But A Game

There’s nothing you cannot do, they say, if you really want it! The saying applies to cooking, too. Forget about expressions such as “innate cook”, “natural born cook”, “natural cooking talent”. If you have a great tutor and you add a lot of enthusiasm you can become a great cook, yourself. So, if you’re willing to learn and you’re optimistic by nature, you just need the perfect tutor to get the best cook out of you: the online cooking games!

First test: making a delicious pizza! Ready? Since information is power and practice makes it perfect, check out the Rolf’s pizza maker game for some cooking tips. He will share with you his secret pizza recipes, you just have to pay attention and follow the instructions you see there. You’ll see, there’s no philosophy in cooking a pizza, only a harmonious combination of the perfect ingredients: sausages, cheese, onion, mushrooms and so on. Have I already made your mouth water? Well, Rolf, the guru of the pizza makers, is willing to teach you everything he knows!

After all this cooking debauchery, you should have a glass of milk, don’t you think? I bet your stomach is craving for it! I have a great idea! What would go wonderful with a glass of milk? Some muffins! Get ready to bake and decorate the ultimate, tasty muffins. There’s no need to give your mom a call to help you with the recipe, nor to cheat and buy some from the sweetshop. You can easily start playing the muffin madness cooking game. You’ll see, it will come natural to you, mixing the right ingredients for the dough, choosing the exact amount of time it needs for baking, picking the perfect decorating items so that your muffin should be delicious and great looking at the same time. Let this madness take control of your sense and spoil your taste buds with some yummy muffins!

Don’t get too stuffed with pizza, for you need to make some room for desert. Would you care for some cookies? No, not those bought from the supermarket, or those baked by grandma’, I’m talking about the cookies you will make with those two skilful little hands of yours. When in doubt, you can always get some “tasty inspiration” from the cookie maker game. That’s right, you can learn how to bake those cute shaped cookies filled chocolate, nicely decorated that will make you mouth water. You will begin as an apprentice working in Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory and by the end of the game you will become a great pastry cook.

Still, even if you’re a super talented pastry cook, you cannot consider yourself a really professional, first class one, till you haven’t passed one major cake: making an impressive wedding cake! Oh, come on, you don’t have to be scared, I am sure you can do it, especially after you have played the wedding cake cooking game. You can see there how a cake needs to be done to stand up to the standards of such an important ceremony. Learn how your can fill in and decorate your wedding cake so that you should leave your guests stunned by its incredible taste and dazzled by its gorgeous looks, too. Some cute sugared ribbons or flowers and colorful layers of fresh cream and chocolate can do wonders to your perfect cake!

Feeling a little more confident now? Told you so! These cooking games are for our personal esteem (as cooks) as vital as the red lipstick when we feel unattractive. They boost our confidence big time!