Condor Airlines Flights Award-Winning Comfort

Condor Airlines flights are operated by an airline that is based in Germany called Condor Flugdienst which is just shortened to Condor Airlines. The airline is part of the Thomas Cook Group. They operate leisure flights to Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Caribbean and North America. Condor Airlines flights are based at the Frankfurt Airport where all their long-distance flights originate. Condor Airlines flights to the Mediterranean have a secondary base at the Hamburg Airport, Munich Airport, Stuttgart Airport, Berlin Schönefeld Airport and the Düsseldorf International Airport. The airline company has its headquarters in Kelsterbach, Hesse. Condor Airlines flights are the only flights in the Thomas Cook Group that are not charter carriers.

Condor Airlines flights are known for being very comfortable and relaxing. In fact, they have a Comfort Class in their flights where comfort is of the utmost importance. The seats are very comfortable so passengers will not feel any discomfort especially on long flights. To make it more convenient for passengers, Condor Airlines flights allow seat reservations to be done through the website of the airline. To add to the comfort of the passengers, the baggage allowance is increased to 30 kilograms for Condor Airlines flights to Canada and the United States. They have an exclusive check-in counter for Comfort Class passengers of Condor Airlines flights at several international airports all over the world. They also offer an expedited check-in for as much as 90 minutes prior to the time of departure and as much as 2 hours for flights bound for Canada and the United States. Passengers in the Comfort Class are also given exclusive choices of drinks as well as cocktail service. As they board the plane, they are given welcome drinks just like in a hotel or a resort.

Even before the flight, passengers on the Comfort Class of the Condor Airlines flights are made very comfortable in the luxurious lounges found in the Frankfurt Airport as well as other international airports in other parts of the world. On the plane, passengers are served with a sumptuous 5-course meal complete with three entrees. The food is served on porcelain plates, with immaculate white table linens and decorated with a rose. Passengers of the Condor Airlines flights can also choose their desserts and drinks from the trolley.

Entertainment for Condor Airlines flights are also top of the line with portable DVD players and free headphones for the passengers to use. There are also several magazines and newspapers that the passengers can choose from. They are also offered towelletes and cosmetics sets to freshen up during the long flight.