Baking Tips: Turning The Crunchy Cookie Into A Chewy Cookie

Cookies are always a tasty treat that everyone loves, both kids and adults. There are so many recipes for cookies to choose from and people are always coming up with new ideas all the time.

Cookies are also a great gift idea. People often bake their own wedding cookies or baby shower cookies. But the question of what kind of cookie to make can be dictated by the following three considerations: the occasion or party theme, the choice of flavors for the cookies and the desired texture of whether they are crunchy or chewy or something in between?

A baker will usually know all kinds of recipes and can bake specialized cookies for any event. They should be able to make the cookies either crunchy or chewy. Most people who bake at home don’t know how to do control the texture and softness of the cookie, but it is not difficult to do. Here is a simple cookie baking tip that you can use to control a cookie’s texture:

Cookies are usually made from butter, shortening, eggs and sugar and then there are the added ingredients. Look at the recipe first and take note of the sugars used in it. There should be two ingredients that are commonly found: white and brown sugar. The secret of the texture is in the sugar and simply changing the ratio between white and brown will easily make a crunchy cookie into a chewy cookie.

To achieve a crunchy cookie, white sugar should have the heavier concentration than brown sugar. If the recipe calls for brown sugar, eliminate it completely and substitute with white sugar. For example: an oatmeal cookie recipe might ask 2 cups of white sugar and 2 cups brown sugar. To achieve a crunchy cookie, do away with the brown sugar and simply use 4 cups of white sugar. This is going to be a really crunchy cookie.

Semi-chewy/crunchy cookies will need another sugar measurement ratio. Again, going back to 2 and 2 between white and sugar, to make it a little more chewy use three cups brown sugar and one cup white sugar, but if you want it more crunchy than chewy then reverse the ratio to three cups white and one cup brown sugar.

The chewy cookies are going to be achieved by doing away with the white sugars altogether. So if the recipe calls for the half and half do away with the white and use the same measurement but this time using brown again. So use 4 cups of brown sugar and the gooey chewy cookie will be achieved easily.

Now, an added secret: to add more of the gooeyness to the cookies by adding honey, molasses or maple syrup. Use the same amount of brown sugar minus 1/4 cup. Use that amount for the substitute. That should make the cookie gooier than ever before.