A Little About Chilean Sea Bass

Don’t we all love to eat sea food? An item without which sea food seems incomplete is fish. Various kinds of fishes can be found in restaurants and those who want to try out a new fish every time find it difficult on which one to pick from the shelf. Presently, Chilean Sea Bass is gaining fame as an important and unique sea food menu. It is readily available in all major super markets and restaurants of America and some other countries.

A reason which supports the popularity of Chilean Sea Bass is that people are becoming aware of its advantages in relation to human health. Before you actually decide on eating a fish, you must get some information on Chilean Sea Bass through the following paragraphs. Well, Chilean Sea Bass is a member of that class of fishes which live in deep waters. It exists in Antarctica waters and Southern Oceans, and is regarded as legal and safe to catch. Two interesting facts on Chilean Sea Bass are that it has a life of over 50 years and usually its weight starts from two hundred kilograms. You will not come across many fishes with these features.

Chilean Sea Bass cannot be caught in the rivers and seas of Chile and neither has it got the slightest of resemblance with Bass. Then why is it called Chilean Sea Bass? A probable answer could be that although the fish has no relationship with its name but the name was given to it because it was the first commercial fish available in the markets of US as tooth fish. Tooth fish is a very unique family of fish in the region of Antarctica.

Chilean Sea Bass has white meat of high quality and the taste is far better than any other fish type. It could be found in all popular supermarkets and restaurants but comes for a quite high price. Luckily, Chilean Sea Bass is not any engendered species meaning that there is abundance of it and you can enjoy as much of it as your pocket allows.

You can come across a number of recipes that will teach you how to become an expert on cooking Chilean Sea Bass. However, a popular pan roasted recipe is shared in this post. The ingredients you shall require include two to three fillets of Chilean Sea Bass, three tablespoons of olive oil, a cup of chicken stock, a tablespoon of finely chopped parsley, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and butter, a chopped onion, few pieces of sliced mushrooms and one teaspoon of black pepper and salt each.

First of all heat the oven to four hundred and fifty degrees and push the tray into it containing piece of fillets topped with olive oil, salt and some pepper. Now take a pan and add into it olive oil, butter and onions. After saut?, throw into the pan mushrooms, chicken stock and salt. The consistency of the sauce should be somewhat thick. Take out the fillets from oven, transfer on a plate and pour the mushroom sauce onto it.