A genuine Irish Apple Pie Recipe

Another thing that represents Irish culture is certainly the classic Irish apple pie!. Those mentioned that quotation, “As American as apple pie”, clearly haven’t experienced a slice of Irish apple pie or apple tart as they’d prefer to name it.

This can be an irresistible classic apple pie right from Irish kitchens. Experience the goodness of Irish cooking by means of their apple pie recipe. Featuring the rich flavors you’d definitely wish to drift away to their frosty damp lands and just feel Irish hospitality and their great apple pie! This apple pie will surely taste extremely delicious basically because you have just tasted a bite of Irish history, the following recipe was handed down from several years and generations


900 g tart medium apples (peeled and cored), three tablespoons brown sugar, two cups all purpose flour, two whole cloves, cup butter, cup lard (shortening), 1 teaspoon cinnamon, three tablespoons milk, two tablespoons cold water, Pinch of salt, Cream or custard (topping),


Preheat your oven to 400 Fahrenheit. Add flour and salt inside a big mixing bowl. Then, making use of your clean hands, massage in butter and lard until eventually the mixture turns like breadcrumbs. Mix in cold water and knead until such time you managed to form a good dough. Lightly flour a clear surface, most likely a wooden cooking counter. Now, obtain of the dough and then use this to cover an 8-inch pie plate. Spread out your thinly sliced apples, be sure they are smoothly allocated. Combine cloves, cinnamon and sugar. Smoothly toss to blend the ingredients consistently. Massage the left over dough and then use to cover the pie, smoothly pressing the edges to seal off the lid. You could shape wave-like patterns or whatever patterns to the pie’s edges and its cover too. Cut a slit on top of the pie and sweep the top surface with milk. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes or right until the pie appears golden brown. Lift off from oven and then cool for a couple of minutes. Top with custard or cream prior to serving in exclusive plates. Savor this Irish experience!