A Chanukah Gift Guide

The world of Jewish gifts is vast. That is why when you are shopping for Chanukah gifts it can be difficult to choose which items to get for who. No one likes getting a bad gift, and you don’t want to be the person giving it. So here are some helpful hints to get you started on the road to checking off everyone on your Chanukah gifts list.

For the homemaker I would suggest some nice flatware or plates. Especially if they are relatively young and have not purchased or acquired these things over the years. Also keep in mind that if you see a set of Seder plates or other flatware that you think someone on your list would like more than the ones they currently own you should get them. They can always give away the old ones and use the news one you got them.

A great gift for any cook could be a cook book of Jewish foods. Even if they are a whiz in the kitchen they can always learn a few things about Jewish cooking to improve their technique. Besides if they like cooking chances are they will be glad to get into the kitchen and try out some new recipes. Their family will be happy too, eating all the tasty new food items they have learned to create.

For the intellectual there are a host of Jewish Books. No matter what the person’s interest is you can find something. Books on Jewish history, philosophy, or spirituality are all guaranteed to stimulate the intellect. Although books have somewhat of a bad reputation in the gifts department any avid reader is sure to enjoy a good book.

For kids there are a number of Jewish toys and other items that any child would be glad to receive. Anything from stuffed animals to art and crafts kits make great Jewish gifts. If you are unsure what to get a child try asking their parent what they think they will enjoy. A good general gift for kids is a DVD or video. Kids love re-watching their favorite movies over and over. Maybe the DVD you get them will be their new favorite?

These are just a few examples of the things that are available. You should look in store, online, and anywhere else you can find good Judaic items. It may seem like a daunting task now, but you will find something for everyone on your list.