3 Weight Tips Holiday Reduction

Are you looking to experience a little of the holiday weight reduction instead of holiday weight increase? Julius Erving put this so truthfully by saying “If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you ‘re the one who comes up on the short end.” If you really want to lose holiday weight you need to doing what is best for your body. Does this mean that you need to eliminate all the delicious holiday fare? Absolutely not! You can still enjoy the scrumptious holiday delights this holiday season also keeping in mind that you need to do what’s best for your body unless you want to harm yourself and I sure hope that isn’t the case. What would a good example be of something less than adaquate as far as doing what was best for your body during the holidays? Well, one real life example would be to not eat junk foods for the entire week of the holiday. Limit the intake of the unhealthy foods to the day of the holiday or whenever you celebrate it instead of taking an extended period of time to “cheat” on your diet. Hey, you can tell people “no” you know that right? Anyone who doesn’t support your selection to stay as healthy as possible during the holidays can deal with the complications associated with that on their own! Here are 3 quick, easy, simple tips for the holiday weight loss to keep in mind.

When I carried out the concepts I am about to share with you and related it to the above mentioned quote I found myself much more enjoyable to be around during the holidays. I didn’t feel like crap, I wasn’t sluggish, and I wasn’t tired. I actually was pleasent to be around and had tons of energy. Let’s face it, each year that goes by it seems to get worse and worse right? Avoid the sluggish tendencies associated with the holidays by taking advantage of these 3 tips!

1) Increase clean structured water ingestion. A good example would be distilled water with a touch of baking soda or any reverse osmosis water. What will this do? Proper hydration is a sure fire way to rid your body of any “toxins” that you consume during the holidays. The less water you drink the longer they stay in your body and the more harm they have the potential to cause. By the way, “water” from beer, soda, juices, sports drinks, etc do NOT count. Your body is not made up of these things so keep it clear with the friendly h2o! Drinking water will also help keep you more full during the holiday season so you will actually be eating LESS of the bad food because you won’t be as starving. This is one sure way to help lose holiday weight.

2) Eat a small green salad prior to meals. You should actually be doing this all the time, not just during the holiday season. Why? Eating a healthy green salad with spinach, mixed greens, kale etc. topped with avocado, cucumbers, brocolli, almonds and other great tasting healthy and balanced foods will help prepare your digestive system to work! What’s this going to do for you? This will lower the stress on the digestive system when it tries to break down the abundance of food during the holiday dinners. Trust me, we ‘ve all had the feeling of eating too much during the holidays and wanting to take a nap right? Well, that’s your digestive system going into overdrive and taking EXTRA energy from your body creating you to become lazy and lathargic. Eating that small side salad will help fill your belly up so you eat a little less and will make your digestive system happy to fire up and work on breaking down the nutrients from the healthy food.

3) Do some style of workout to accelerate the holiday weight loss. I would encourage some sort of total body functional exercise routine. Try this before you eat the big holiday meals to help increase your metabolism and make it easier to break down the meals during the holidays. Some examples of full body exercises you could do are squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, planks, burpees and the list goes on and on. You could also think about doing some style of interval cardio routine on whatever piece of equipment you use whether it be a treadmill, elliptical, stair mill, recumbant bike or rower. A nice 30 minute interval routine of 1 minute intervals will do your body well! Do one minute of larger intensity followed by one minute of decreased instensity and repeat for the desired about of time, depending of course on your own ability level.

Do yourself the pleasure of applying these 3 quick, simple, and easy tips and applying them during the holiday season. Your body will thank you and you will no longer be stuck on the scale wondering why it says more than it’s supposed to, ok? Once again, this is what I learned. When I took care of the basic wishes of my body and enjoyed the holiday fare without excess things ended up a lot more desirable than they had in prior years.

Some keys to remember are to consume more water as it will help flush whatever contaminants we take in out, eat a small salad to prepare our digestive system and ease the stress put on it by heavy holiday foods and get in a light exercise routine to help spike your metabolism and burn all those surplus calories that we eat AND drink! I know these ideas will help and I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season. Please do yourself a service and implement these 3 tips and don’t be left expressing to yourself “I should have” after the holidays are over. You will just be establishing more work for yourself in the end!